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Dispatch District 1.png

Dispatch Koog Tsev Kawm Ntawv 1

Dispatch District 2.png

Dispatch Koog Tsev Kawm Ntawv 2

Final Product 1.png

Khoom Kawg 1

Final Product 2.png

Khoom kawg


warehouse 1.png

warehouse 1

Warehouse 2.png

warehouse 1


Container District.png

Thaj Tsam Tsev Kawm Ntawv

Blasting District.png

Blasting District


Semi-product District.png

Semi-khoom District

Raw material District.png

Raw khoom District


Welding District.png

Welding District


Nruab Nruab


Commission District 1.png

Commission District 1

Commission District 2.png

Commission District 2


Exhibition Room.png

Exhibition Chaav

Company Lobby.png

Lub Lag Luam


Qeb khoom
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